Visit of our new Guest Professor Mikko Sillanpää from Oulu/Finland

Ulm University

Prof. Sillanpää will come to Ulm from October 23 till November 3 and give 3 talks

In cooperation with Prof. Hans A. Kestler (Institute of Medical Systems Biology) we are pleased to announce the visit of our Guest Professor Mikko Sillanpää, Statistical models and data analysis, University of Oulu.

He will come to Ulm from October 23rd until the 3rd of November and give three talks:

Talk 1: "Statistical methods for population structure estimation" 

Tuesday, October 24,  4:00 pm at N24 - 101

Talk 2: "Bayesian analysis in biology and biomedicine"

Wednesday, October 25,  4:00 pm at N23 - 2622

Talk 3"Statistical association mapping of genetic architecture based on molecular markers 

               Friday, October 27, 3:00 pm at N23 - 2622

Please contact Carolin Halanke (carolin.halankeuni-ulmde, +49 731 500 24 501) if you want to schedule a meeting with Prof. Sillanpää.

You can find most important previous professional appointments of Prof. Sillanpää below

  • Professor in Statistics, 2015 - present, University of Oulu, Finland 
  • Professor in Genetics and Biometry, 2011, University of Oulu, Finland 
  • University Senior Lecturer in Animal Biometry, 2009, University of Helsinki, Finland 
  • University Senior Researcher, 2008, University of Helsinki, Finland 
  • Academy Research Fellow, 2003, University of Helsinki, Finland 
  • Editorial positions: Genetics, Associate Editor 2016 - present; Theoretical and Applied Genetics, Associate Editor 2006-present; BMC Genetics, Associate Editor 2009 – present

Please feel free to pass this information to every interested party.