Improve your Textbook Knowledge

The lecture series "Improve your textbook knowledge" is a general introduction into different aspects of Molecular Medicine. The topics presented in the IYTK module should give you a broad overview of important topics in research with the focus on novel methods & their application in this field or state of the art findings that are so important they will appear in all textbooks soon.

The lecture series are compulsory for all first-year students of the PhD Programme. Students have to attend at least 85 % of the sessions in the first year of the PhD-studies. By way of exception the missing sessions can also be heard during the second year of the PhD-studies.

The lectures for the summer term 2019 started on April, 17th, 2019 and takes place in M24,  H 10 every Wednesday at 5.00 p.m. Responsible chairs should pick up the attendance list at the Coordination Office.

Please download final plan for the summer term 2019 here.


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