24. MoMAN Seminar: Dr Valerio Zerbi - ETH Zurich

Zeit : Mittwoch , 16:00
Ort : N25, H9,

Speaker: Dr Valerio Zerbi - Group Leader Integrative Translational Imaging, Department of Health Sciences and Technology, ETH Zurich
Title: Combining fMRI with chemo- and optogenetics in the mouse to deconstruct brain network activity


While molecules and cells are the biological building blocks of the brain, virtually all behaviours arise as a result of computations that are implemented through neural interactions within certain circuits and macro-scale networks. However, mechanistic insight into how specific neuronal signalling at the cell level translates into changes in macroscopic connectivity is limited.

In my lab, we investigate how non-invasive functional MRI techniques (fMRI) recognize the structural organization and functionality of the brain.

To achieve this, we use fMRI in combination with mouse models, precise neuromodulation approaches (chemo- and optogenetic), computational models, electrophysiology and behavioural tests. This combination of preclinical imaging with engineering and biology tools enables us to understand the relationships between dynamic changes in fMRI signals and the underlying cellular and mesoscale circuit activity.