Prof. Dr. G. Grön - Department of Psychiatry III, Ulm University Medical Center

Working in the broader field of cognitive neuroscience we employ different variants of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in order to investigate human brain function under circumscribed neuropsychological conditions. Our main focus is the modulation of human brain function by either the psychiatric or neurological illness itself, or by pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions (mostly non-invasive transcranial electric or magnetic neurostimulation). Employing appropriate study designs, we bring different psychic processes under experimental control to make them measurable under the methodological constraints of MRI, and then search for commonalities and differences between normal and modulated functioning in behavioural and imaging data.


Department of Psychiatry III - Section for Neuropsychology and Functional Imaging, Ulm University Medical Center

Core Facility 3T-MRI