Prof. Dr. P. Walther - Central Facility for Electron Microscopy, Ulm University

Our facility has the duty to run the equipment for electron microscopy and to support the users mainly from medicine, biochemistry and chemistry with practical work as well as knowhow. For this purpose we explore new or novel electron microscopic methods and make them available for our users. Our technicians prepare more than 2000 samples per year that are then usually analyzed in our electron microscopes by the users. In the facility a wide range of electron microscopic techniques are used including standard protocols, dedicated cryo-preparation techniques, and 3D analysis at nanoscale.

In our laboratory we explore several novel approaches for 3D analysis, including scanning transmission electron tomography (STEM tomography) and focused ion beam / scanning electron microscopy (FIB/SEM tomography). Current foci of work are infectious diseases and the formation of amyloid plaques. The methods are well suited to study viral infection and the egress of viral particles.


Central Facility for Electron Microscopy