Imaging biomarkers have the potential to improve pre-clinical and clinical interventions. However, translational challenges in biomarker measurements make it difficult to bridge results from the pre-clinical to clinical setting (and back). Standardization across the imaging community is needed to ensure equivalent protocols, biomarkers, data analysis and image interpretation.

State-of-the-art imaging techniques and their cross-modal applications, when validated properly, can significantly influence pre-clinical and clinical developments and contribute to an overall improvement of therapeutic interventions & safety for individual patients.

The Translational Biomedical Imaging (TraBI) conference aims at leveraging the potential of available imaging techniques in order to improve the translatability of findings from animals to humans by validating imaging procedures as biomarkers. It will take place from 26th to 27th November 2018 at the Science Center Schloss Reisensburg in Günzburg.

We want to create a discussion platform for imaging experts of different modalities to share their efforts and advances in the translation of results based on imaging biomarkers. Day 1 focusses on the imaging modalities and their translational challenges, whereas Day 2 emphasises the translational applications throughout various medical fields.

We are looking forward to an interdisciplinary & exciting conference!

The conference is organised by the Center for Translational Imaging MoMAN of Ulm University.


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