New film about studying at Ulm University

We are looking for students and doctorates who want to take part in a new film about Ulm University.

Are you an English or German speaking student currently in your Bachelor or Master Degree course at Ulm University? Or an doctoratal candidate preparing your thesis at Ulm University? Would you be prepared to share your personal experiences concerning studying or doing research at Ulm University? Are you interested in working with a professional film agency which will produce the film? If your answer is “yes”, then apply here for the casting NOW - casting ends on June, 16th 2019.

Ulm University aims to present a film containing several personal portaits in order to win over pupils in their choice of Universities. We plan to film portraits which will be publicly shown as part of the main film and also as individual sequences. Between 8th-11th of July we need you 1 day for the film shooting.

Personal Portraits

The idea of the film is to present 4-6 people (including a lecturer and a doctoral candidate) in a documentary of personal portraits filmed in July by a professional film agency. The agencies’ producer will ask questions and engage in a conversation while filming you at locations which are relevant to you (e.g. lecture hall, library, PC-Pools, laboratory, etc.). Priority to us is to show your personal experiences within Ulm University: How did you hear about Ulm University? Why did you choose Ulm University? What did you experience on your first day? What do you like about Ulm University and what do you dislike? What do you value most on campus? What are your plans for the future? – these could be possible questions asked. You don’t need to prepare any answers, because it is important to us to receive authentic and individual answers from you.

Casting process

Would you like to be part of this project? If so, please fill in the application form below. You will receive an answer from us as soon as possible as well as an invitation to proceed to step two of the casting process. This step will require a short video about yourself (max. 3 min.) which you can record with your mobile phone. We will send you a link onto a separate webpage, which shows all further information about this step.

Film shooting

The shooting will take place from July 8th to 11th, all across the University's campus. In case of being selected for the shooting, you need to be able to spend approx. one day during that period for 3-4 hours (maybe more). Prior to the shooting you will need to fill out a contract which allows us to publish the film.

Public showing

We aim to inspire pupils to choose Ulm University for their studies. The main film will last approx. 3 min., the individual portraits approx. 30 sec. each. The film should generate attention for Ulm University and influence the pupils’ decision in our favour. To achieve this goal, we plan to show the film on our website, on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram as well as at exhibitions and events aimed at pupils, parents or teachers. Our aim is to present and release the finalised films by the end of September.

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions, please contact us on marketing(at) or ask Mrs. Vera Loew directly by telephone +49-731-50-22124.

Apply now for the casting

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