Welcome to the unit Isotope Application:

We provide laboratories, measuring units, devices, markings and much more for you to use for projects that require the use of radioactive isotopes above the exemption limit (as well as non-radioactive experiments). Computer-aided evaluation procedures are also possible in our facilities. We also take care of the radiation protection for users and laboratories inside the control zone.

We are your contact for decontaminations and waste disposal, assist you with experiments and are happy to answer questions on radiation protection technology and legal issues.
Click on the respective links to obtain the radiation protection instructions (englisch) or a guide for the correct handling of radioactive substances in Englisch.


Please make sure we receive your order of the desired isotopes until Thursday morning, 11:00 a.m. by fax and use our order form. The isotopes will then be delivered on the following Monday - common isotopes go out on Fridays. Various labelled compounds - such as H3 thymidine and Cr51 - are always available from stock.

What we offer

  • Building N25 has a large laboratory for work involving 51Cr, 125J and 32P, and a laboratory for sterile work and work with 3H, 35S and 14C with lamina and incubator.
  • A large laboratory is located in building N27, preferably for work in the molecular-biological and biochemical field with restriction to the isotopes 32P and 35S.
  • Generally accessible room with automatic developer for photographic films. A measuring room can be found in N25 outside the control zone.
  • Instructions for equipment operation and radioactive work.
  • Intermediate storage space for radioactive waste.
  • Special rates for radioactive isotopes, markers and materials (vials, scintillator).
  • Consumables always available.

Certain arrangements are required, such as entry in the calendar as well space and equipment reservations.

Our measuring equipment

  • Phosphorus imager (also for fluorescence) for measuring radioactivity distributions on even carriers. Measuring using radiation-sensitive foils. Very high sensitivity and wide dynamic range. The phosphorus imager is located in research building N27.
  • Microbeta Trilux for measuring samples using the LSC method. Measuring with three detectors simultaneously, therefore high sample throughput
  • Microbeta Plus for Filtermates and Lumaplate
  • Tricarb 2800 TR and 1600 TR. LSC counter for maxi and mini vials, sample capacity 300
  • Suction unit (cell harvester)
  • Gamma counter (Wizard)
  • Cell irradiation facility
  • Lamina flow bench (for sterile work)
  • Various radiation protection measuring devices