Fire protection at Ulm University

Fire protection, generally divided into preventive and defensive fire protection, is of great importance - even more so when it comes to buildings with many people in them. Numerous examples remind us time and again that fires are a danger not to be underestimated even in today's age.

Appropriate measures and behaviour play a huge role in preventing fires from occurring in the first place. Ignorance, for instance when storing flammable material or handling flammable liquids and open fires, carelessness or deliberate disregard of applicable rules, increase the risk of a fire. All too often, late and false fire alarms, frequently combined with ignorance and uncertainty when dealing with fire-fighting equipment (hand-held fire extinguishers, extinguishing hoses, etc.), result in an unhindered spread of a fire.

The active participation of each individual contributes greatly to minimising the risk of fire; this is why informing employees is so very important.

Knowledge of the fire protection regulations - which are handed out to each employee in the form of a personal copy before they start work - as well as the fire protection instruction sessions, which are to be repeated annually according to §4 of the accident prevention regulation Grundsätze der Prävention (principles of prevention; GUV-V A1), are among the most important basics. This theoretical knowledge is complemented with practical exercises on how to handle fire extinguishing equipment.

Documents on fire protection

  • Brandschutzordnung (German)
  • Fire protection regulation (English)
  • Alarm plan (German)
  • Alarm plan (English)
  • Application for approval of work in which heat may be released (e.g. welding, soldering, flexing, etc.).
    In order to avoid false alarms, the fire loops must be deactivated by the responsible janitor for the period of this work. Such work is generally subject to approval and may only be carried out if this application has been duly completed and the stipulated regulations are adhered to.
    This application is available directly from the respective janitors.


Elke Brax
Brandschutzbeauftragte (k.)
phone +49(0)731 50-22131