Emergency number 112

In the event of an emergency, the Rettungsleitstelle Ulm (rescue coordination centre) can be reached from any telephone at the University by dialling 112.

Parallel to the rescue services, the University's own emergency helpers are directly alerted by the Rettungsleitstelle, so that short alarm routes are guaranteed.

First aid organisation at Ulm University

In Germany, everyone is obliged by law to provide first aid if, among other things:

- the circumstances are such that they can be expected to provide first aid,

- they do not violate other important duties by providing first aid and

- they do not risk danger to themselves by providing first aid.

Those who do not help are guilty of failure to help.

The immediate life-saving measures that a first aider has to take in an emergency situation with injured, sick or poisoned persons are the first link in the so-called rescue chain.

Every employer is legally obliged to train employees in first aid. In order for professional first aid to be provided in the event of an (occupational) accident, a certain number of trained first aiders must be available at the University. The number of first aiders who must be available is specified in the accident prevention regulation GUV-V A1. When training as a first aider, you will learn to assess emergency situations correctly and to react appropriately in order to save human lives with simple actions.

To become a first aider, you can take a course that is organised here at the University. In order to keep the knowledge up to date, a training course must be attended every two years. All courses are conducted by instructors of the German Red Cross.

Would you like to take your commitment further? In addition, there is an emergency helper group at Ulm University whose task is to provide extended first aid until the arrival of the rescue services.

First aid material

As a first aider, you are responsible for the first aid material in your department area. The janitors will provide you with a first aid kit and refill material, such as adhesive plasters.

Download first aid poster (in German).


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