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Operating Instructions "How to use a medical mask or a FFP2-mask (KN95, N95)"

Operating Instructions "Sanitary facilities, wash and shower rooms"

Operating Instructions "Use of meeting rooms"


Board decision "Corona pandemic

FFP2 Masks,KN95,N95

- FFP2 masks should be replaced in the event of unacceptably high breathing resistance, moisture penetration or at the latest after a total accumulated wearing time of approx. 8 hours.
-The FFP2 mask can thus be reused up to a total accumulated wearing time of 8 hours.
- After a continuous wearing time of 75 min, a recovery time, without mask, of 30 min should be planned.
- The mask must fit snugly and fit over the mouth, nose and cheeks. The edges of the mask should fit snugly and not allow airflow past the mask. An FFP mask can only provide its full filtering performance if it fits tightly.
- When first used, the mask should be tested to see if it allows enough air to pass through to minimize obstruction to normal breathing.
- When removing the mask, it should always be grasped by the straps of the mask, if possible.
- After removing the mask, hands should be washed thoroughly (with soap for at least 20 to 30 seconds) while following general hygiene rules.
- The viral load of SARS-CoV-2 on the mask can be reduced by heat inactivation (oven - see flyer) or 1-week drying (see flyer).

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Employees who belong to the risk group/ company medical service

The occupational health and safety measures implemented at the university are intended to protect all employees equally against infection with the corona virus. Employees who belong to the risk group should pay particular attention to compliance with occupational health and safety regulations.

In order to clarify whether further protective measures are necessary in individual cases, employees are offered occupational medical precautions to deal with health hazards in the workplace due to the corona virus. They can obtain individual advice from the company doctor, including on special hazards due to a previous illness or individual disposition. The company doctor suggests suitable protective measures to the employer if the normal occupational health and safety measures are not sufficient. The employer only learns of these measures if the employee expressly agrees.

The company doctor can also provide preventive medical care by telephone. For this purpose, employees can arrange a callback with
a company doctor on 0731 500 66-190.

If employees wish to have an on-site appointment with the company doctor, they should first contact the personnel department sachbearbeiter-abt.III-1(at) by e-mail. You will receive a letter from the personnel department (by e-mail) regarding the desired pension plan. This must be presented at the entrance to the surgery building and at the BÄD.