The Forum for Users of the AristaFlow® BPM Suite in Research and Education

This forum is maintained by the Institute of Databases and Information Systems at the University of Ulm. Its purpose is the support of AristaFlow users in Research and Eduction.

In the public part (see menu items at the left hand side) one finds general information about the AristaFlow® BPM Suite (e.g. short descriptions of its components and white papers), but also experience reports, news, and informationabout the underlying ADEPT technology for process management.

As a registered user (and after login) one can access the internal section as well. Here one gets access to, for example, 

- additional screencasts (demos)
- complementary materials
- examples of process templates and activity templates
- the web pages of the AristaFlow user forum

Contact the forum: info(at)

Information regarding the download and utilization of the AristaFlow BPM Suite for teaching and research purposes can be cound here.