ePDF Mini Workshop, 28-29th of March 2018

Location : Universität Ulm,

We are pleased to invite you to a mini workshop on electron Pair-Distribution Function (PDF) analysis. The workshop will be held on the 28-29th of March 2018 at Ulm University in Germany, bringing together scientists working on the method development.

The workshop consists of invited lectures, discussions and software demonstrations and provides a platform for open discussions on the use of electrons for the characterization of structures with no long-range order. The discussions will have a technical orientation focusing on the diverse issues of data collection, processing and quantification. Following topics will be covered:

Qmax vs pixel resolution of the experimental data – data collection strategies

Effect of the recording medium – point spread function, etc.

Distortion of diffraction patters

Diffraction pattern centering, errors

Energy filtering of electron diffraction for PDF

Background treatment

Instrumental influence in PDF

Multiple scattering dynamical effects

ePDF refinement

Preferred orientation/texture in PDF

The number of participants is limited.
There is no registration fee.

In order to register please contact Tatiana Gorelik (tatiana.gorelik(at)uni-ulm.de)