A brief report on the 3rd SALVE symposium at Ulm University, December 12-14 2017

Ulm University

The 3rd Sub-Angstrom Low-Voltage Electron Microscopy (SALVE) Symposium, organized by Ute Kaiser and her group members, took place at Ulm University from the 12th till 14th of January, 2017. It followed the festive inauguration ceremony of the SALVE instrument in its new SALVE building on December 11th.

The symposium brought together 110 distinguished scientists from 17 countries who discussed low-voltage electron microscopy instrumentation and its applications. A particular focus was given to the manufacturing of low-dimensional materials and the assessment of their properties by theoretical calculations. Various TEM techniques were discussed - (S)TEM imaging, in-situ TEM, electron holography, cryo-TEM and spectroscopy. Finally, challenges and prospects of low-voltage imaging of biologically relevant objects were addressed. The symposium was composed of 3 sessions: "Advanced Instrumentation", "Low-Dimensional Materials: Preparation, Characterization, Theory", and "Bridging Biological and Materials Science".  (For more details see www.salve-project.de.) The symposium was concluded by a round-table discussion on how low we should go in accelerating voltage for particular applications or what instrumental changes are requested to fulfill the requests of particular scientific question. The importance of a database for nanomaterials was also highlighted. 

Apart from the lectures, the importance of scientific discussions during the coffee breaks, dinners and other social activities must be underlined. The direct contact stimulated the exchange of ideas and establishing of new co-operations. 

The organization of the events would not have been possible without generous financial support of the public institutions and international organizations – the University of Ulm, the German Research Foundation (DFG), the manufacturers  ThermoFisher,  CEOS,  Gatan,  JEOL, and the German Society of Electron Microscopy – DGE.

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Further information:

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Group picture with participants of the 3rd SALVE symposium (Photo: Elvira Eberhardt)