Christmas get together

Workshop on electron crystallography

December the 17th, 2020

Please note that we have already sent the invitations. If you registered and but haven't received the invitation so far, please contact Manuel Mundszinger.

2020 was a particular year, keeping communication on the scientific scene on an extremely low level. We, therefore, decided to fill the information gap and organize a short workshop for keeping the community alive and updated on the progress in the field of electron crystallography.


The list of topics to cover includes:

  • 3D electron diffraction – data acquisition, processing, applications in diverse fields of materials science
  • Serial crystallography
  • In-situ electron crystallography
  • Inelastic and multiple scattering of electrons
  • Low dose data acquisition

List of confirmed Speakers

The workshop is organized in online format, which is new to all of us. We yet hope that it will allow for scientific communication and serve as a platform for discussions and project planning. We plan three scientific sessions interrupted with “virtual” coffee and lunch breaks in the time span from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. CET (GMT+1). The time after 4 p.m. can be used for private discussions.

We encourage you to join the workshop and register using the mask provided below. Registered users will receive a Webex link which guide them to the meeting.

In the mean time we wish you all the best and stay healthy.

The organisers:

Tatiana Gorelik, Mauro Gemmi, Lukáš Palatinus, Stephanie Kodjikian