SALVE 2D22 Workshop


April 5th - April 7th 2022, Ulm University, Germany


State-of-the-art low-voltage TEM research on low-dimensional materials, material fabrication methods and understanding atomic-structure-related properties.

A raising star on the horizon of materials are the 2D quantum systems, ideally suited for low-voltage electron microscopic studies as they are atomically thin and of well-defined thickness, can act as low-background imaging substrates and a single projection image can often completely describe their atomic arrangements. Thus, they are a unique platform for understanding structural and electronic properties with single atom precision. The workshop intents to highlight symbiotic developments between low-voltage electron microscopy and low-D material creation as well as their property calculation. Thus, the workshop has an interdisciplinary character and intents to create a unique platform for bridging the diverse facets of low-D material science, such as materials preparation, low-voltage TEM developments in different operation modi – TEM / STEM imaging, diffraction, and EELS, as well as modelling and measurement of their properties. Key points of the workshop are the technical challenges, associated with aberration-corrected low-voltage electron microscopy, and the deep understanding of interaction of low-energy electrons with matter. In this perspective, the workshop will follow the legacy of previously organized SALVE symposia, further expanding the low-D low-voltage community.


Local organizing committee:

Prof. Dr. Ute Kaiser
E-Mail: U. Kaiser

Dr. Johannes Biskupek
E-Mail: J. Biskupek

Manuel Mundszinger
E-Mail: M.Mundszinger


Conference Office:

Adrian Greischel
Tel.: +49 (0)731/50-22951
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