Videoconferences with Webex

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, the demand for video conferencing solutions has been much stronger. The previous web-based service DFNconf, which is provided nationwide by DFN, often cannot cope with the load. As an alternative the kiz has set up the scalable video conferencing solution Webex Meetings via the external service provider Cisco.

Please note that Webex is not intended to be used for holding courses (lectures, seminars, etc.). It is exclusively a tool for holding meetings of working and project groups, committee meetings and the like.

To conduct online courses, you must use the Big Blue Button (BBB) platform provided in Moodle and the Opencast system for recording lectures. Only these solutions are suitable for this application scenario and are supported by the kiz.

What can I do with Webex?

  • Video conferencing: see, hear, show. In a one-on-one conversation or, for example, in a research team with up to two dozen participants. In the latter case, experience (practice) and a certain discipline of the participants is required.
  • Dial-in by telephone is possible
  • Application Sharing (Sharing application-windows on the computer)
  • Webex Meeting Clients and desktop solutions are available for the most common operating systems (iPhone, iPad, ...). For participation via WebRTC a browser is sufficient (preferably: Chrome or Firefox)
  • Recording
  • Target group: Research, organization
  • What I can't do with it: It is not intended for teaching applications such as live seminars or lectures. Reference is made to the following Alternatives to classroom teaching.

How do I get an account and what is the process?

You can find this information on the page Request Webex Account.


For support we offer a weekly Webex consultation hour as well as a mailing list for Webex organizers. For further information please visit Webex Support.

Any other questions?

You will find frequently asked questions and the answers in our Webex-FAQ.


Further notes





The VK service Webex has been discontinued and is only available until 31.05.2021. Use Zoom instead.