Webex-Account beantragen

Who can apply for an account?

Every student and "knowledge worker" of the University of Ulm can apply for an account. The latter also includes users from the Faculty of Medicine and the pre-clinic.


  • Only the host / host of the meeting needs an account. Anyone with the meeting link (and, if applicable, meeting ID number and participant PIN) can participate! For example, it is no problem to invite external users to a meeting as participants.
  • If you already have a legitimate Webex account through the University of Ulm, you do not have to apply for a new one.
  • Do you already have a free Webex account directly with Cisco and have used your e-mail address ending on @uni-ulm.de? Then you should give another e-mail address or delete the account before you continue here.

How do I get a Webex account and what is the procedure?

  1. Subscribe to Service: Log in with your kiz account on the MyIDM website. If they are authorized, they can subscribe to the optional service "Cisco Webex Meetings" there.This page belongs to the kiz service Identity management  and you can also view your data mirror here.
  2. Receive invitation e-mail: You will be registered by us as a user of the Webex server within 2 days and will receive an automatically generated invitation e-mail to your e-mail address ending at @uni-ulm.de. This will have the following subject: University of Ulm has invited you to Cisco Webex.
  3. Activate account yourself: You can then log in for the first time on uni-ulm.webex.com yourself and activate your account. You will have to enter a service specific password (which has nothing to do with your kiz account). Afterwards you can use this website to make settings for your webex account or to schedule meetings. Furthermore we recommend to download the "Cisco Webex Meetings Desktop App" for Windows or MacOS. 

You can find more information about Webex on Videokonferencing with Webex.