Ulm University: Where we are and how to get here

Ulm - situated in the eastern part of Baden-Württemberg at the border to Bavaria - is easy to get to and very well connected to the transportation infrastructure. Several motorways (Autobahnen) and highways (Bundesstraßen) pass through Ulm or run directly past it. Numerous railway lines (Eisenbahnlinien) meet in Ulm - e.g. the high-speed train (ICE) Stuttgart - Munich, which is part of the main European traffic artery Paris - Budapest. The major airports Stuttgart, Munich and Frankfurt are easily reachable by train. There are closer regional airports in Memmingen and Friedrichshafen that are serviced regularly by public transport.

Details on transport connections

  • Motorways (A) & highways (B)

    A7Flensburg - Hamburg - Hannover - Kassel - Fulda - Würzburg - Ulm - Memmingen - Kempten - Füssen/Reutte (Tirol)
    A8Karlsruhe - Stuttgart - Ulm - Augsburg - München - Salzburg
    B10Pirmasens - Karlsruhe - Stuttgart - Ulm/Neu-Ulm - Nersingen (- Augsburg)
    B19Eisennach - Würzburg - Ulm/Neu-Ulm - Kempten - Oberstdorf
    B28Strasbourg - Freudenstadt - Tübingen - Reutlingen - Ulm
    B30Ulm - Biberach (Riß) - Ravensburg - Friedrichshafen
    B311Ulm - Ehingen - Tuttlingen - Geisingen (-Donaueschingen)
    Source: Wikipedia
  • Railway lines

    Main European traffic artery
    Paris - ... - Stuttgart - Ulm - Augsburg - München - ... Budapest
    Filstal line
    Ulm - Geislingen - Göppingen - Plochingen - Stuttgart
    Württembergische Südbahn
    Southern line of Baden-Württemberg
    Ulm - Biberach (Riß) Aulendorf - Ravensburg - Friedrichshafen
    Danube Valley line
    Donaueschingen - Tuttlingen - Sigmaringen - Ehingen (Donau) Ulm - Donauwörth - Ingolsstadt - Regensburg
    Iller Valley line
    Ulm - Memmingen - Kempten - Oberstdorf
    Brenz line
    Ulm - Heidenheim - Aalen (- Ellwangen - Crailsheim)
    Source: Wikipedia
  • Airports

    Distance to UlmTravel time of
    quickest train connection
    Frankfurt - FRA
    ca. 280 kmca.  2  1/4 h
    München - MUC
    ca. 160 kmca.  2  1/4 h
    Stuttgart - STR
    ca. 80 kmca.  1  3/4 h
    Friedrichshafen - FDH
    ca. 100 kmca.  1 h
    Memmingen - FMM
    ca. 60 kmca.  1 h

By train

  • Form: "DB Reiseauskunft" ..... for your trip to Ulm

    Enter your current location and when you want to depart (Abfahrt) /arrive (Ankunft) !

    The default destination is the - frequently used - bus stop Universität Süd; you can, of course, enter any of the 5 other stops on campus. Because the names of the bus stops are used in other cities also, we recommend to add , Ulm to the description.

  • From Ulm main station (Hbf) ...

    Ulm main station - OSM-location - is a point of intersection

    • for numerous train lines (see above: Details on transport connections). It is
    • frequented by several bus lines and
    • currently one tram line (Straßenbahn) and
    • serves as central bus station (ZOB) for regional bus lines.

    This makes it the most important public transport hub in the city.

  • ... public transport connections to the campus

    Bus lines 3 and 5 both connect the main station with the campus.

    • Travel time is approx. 15 to 20 minutes. Your specific destination on the ca. 1.5 km long campus determines which of the 6 stops is best for you, and thus your travel time.
    • Both bus lines serve all bus stops. Line 3 serves the stop in the following order >Universität Süd< to >Manfred-Börner-Straße<; line 5 goes in the opposite direction.
    • Both lines run every 10 minutes on workdays; during lecture periods line 3 even runs every 5 minutes during peak hours.

    Overview of the various stops at the main station (download)

    With the free DING-App for iPhone  and android you can check the departure times of each line at individual stops.  

Bus stops on campus
Bus stops on campus | Map © OpenStreetMap-Mitwirkende
Name of the bus stop*Approximate target area on campus
Universität SüdUni East | South entrance
Botanischer GartenUni-East | access areas from East;
University Administration; Botanical Garden
StaudingerstraßeUni-East | North entrance
Kliniken Wissenschaftsstadtuniversity hospital, military hospital (BWK), rehabilitation hospital (RKU)
Universität WestUni West | Albert-Einstein-Allee 37 to 43
Manfred-Börner-StraßeUni West | Albert-Einstein-Allee 43 to 47
*linked to OSM