Express Document Delivery

We provide an express delivery service for quicker document delivery than by way of conventional interlibrary loan. University members may use this service – public patrons upon request. This service is not available to commercial customers.

Please Note:

The following delivery options are available in accordance with copyright law and the terms and conditions laid down by the subito document delivery service:

Process Time Paper Copy Electronic Delivery (PDF)
1 business day

on-campus delivery or pickup 12,50 EUR

Fax 13,50 EUR

approximately 25,00 - 80,00 EUR
For the exact price, please contact our Service-Point Information before you place an order.
2 - 3 business days

on-campus delivery or pickup 6,00 EUR

Fax 7,50 EUR


There is an additional charge (2,00 - 4,00 EUR) for orders that are not placed through our order form. We will inform you about higher costs in advance. An additional flat-rate fee applies for off-campus postal delivery: 1,50 EUR per envelope.

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Elsevier Emergency Supply

Members of the university can order articles from Elsevier journals (from 2018) free of charge.

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