The kiz account and what it’s for

The kiz account comprises a bundle of service subscriptions which give you access to the different services of the kiz (Communication and Information Centre). We offer a basic version with mandatory subscriptions as well as additional subscriptions, some of which are subject to a fee. Not every user group has access to the same subscriptions.

Mandatory subscriptions (basic bundle)

  • Front-end authentication service (access to IDM self-services)
  • Access to campus network of Ulm University via WLAN (eduroam & welcome), VPN
  • Higher Education Services Portal study & teaching
  • Email account on kiz email server
  • E-learning platform Moodle
  • Library account: loan of books and other media, inter-library loan orders, orders of copies of articles and more
  • Active Directory Account (login for Windows PC clusters)

Unix option

  • Login for Unix servers / computer servers
  • Login for Linux PC clusters
  • Access to the service Web Classic

Print option

  • Printing at kiz PC clusters
  • Printing on all central kiz laser and poster printers

User groups

Basic bundleautomatically
library account only
Unix optionautomatically
upon request through
IDM self-services
Print optionautomatically
upon request through
IDM self-services

Information for ...


Students receive their kiz account automatically with their enrolment. You can find your login details (user name, initial password, email address) on the info sheet that you received together with your enrolment documents.

Depending on your field of study (e.g. Computer Science), your Faculty might create additional accounts for you that are not part of the kiz services. Your Faculty will be able to tell you more.

The accounts are deactivated four months after termination of enrolment.


Staff receive their kiz account automatically at the beginning of their employment. You can find your login details (user name, initial password, email address) on the info sheet that you received either together with the other documents at the beginning of your employment or separately via internal mail.

The account is deactivated one month after termination of employment or upon loss of eligibility.


Only members and affiliates of the University are eligible for a kiz account. Eligibility for a kiz account is generally defined by the EDP systems of the University and the University Hospital (HIS, SAP), where the identities are managed. It is not possible to apply for an independent, separate kiz account.

The only exception is the use of the library, which is also available to externals to a limited extend. To use the library as an external you need to apply for a kiz service card. These are available at the library loan desks. A fee will be charged. Please use this online form to apply.

Faculty and staff will automatically receive the kiz account with the setting. The credentials (user name, initial password, e-mail address) are on the flyer that came with the setting documents or that will be sent via internal mailing by th kiz.

The account loses its validity one month after leaving the University or the loss of eligibility.

Non-University clients may only apply for a library account. The kiz service card, or library ID, is available for a fee at either of our circulation desks. To apply, please use our online form.

Communication and Information Centre (kiz)

  • Helpdesk

    Please contact us if you have questions or problems related to the kiz services:
    Mon - Thu: 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.
    Fri: 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
    Tel: +49 (0) 731 / 50 - 30000
    (University intern: 30000)

    Support Portal

  • Service Points

    Service Points are locations where you can visit us personally.


  • Identity Management

    Using self-service functions of the Identity Management System (IDM): Administer permissions, subscribe to services, change passwords.

    IDM Self Services

  • Literature Search

  • kiz from A to Z

    With about 400 keywords you will get direct access to our services. If something isn't listed, please contact our Internet Editorial Office.

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