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The Portal is the central access point to electronic campus services around study and teaching offered at Ulm University.

Most of these services require authentication with a kiz account. Upon login, the portal – based on the central Identity Management System – provides functions and data that are personalised and user group-dependent.

In addition to functions that are fully integrated into the portal environment, it also refers to other functions that embody independent system solutions due to technical reasons, using either links or SSO (Single Sign On, which means a separate login is not required).

The Portal also offers centralised access to web-based information offered by the University and its institutions. Students and teaching staff are directed to contextually relevant information.

Open (with/without login): Web Portal kiz Services

Service features


  • Web-based access to information and services around study and teaching at Ulm University.
  • Authentication for access to non-public contents and personalised services with kiz account.

Integrated service features

  • Self-services 'My portal', in particular:
    • data excerpt from Identity Management System, ETB, roles,
    • change CIFS (Samba) password,
    • role-relevant special functions, e.g. administrative functions for staff of the CUA,
    • backend for management of the Higher Education Services Portal and its functions.
  • Software download: licensed software and license keys are provided dependent of the user groups.
  • Management of library account (external users only): externals who are not eligible for a kiz account can register to use a range of library services.
  • Notice board: electronic notice board system for private classifieds and event notes around life on campus (e.g. accommodation offers, car-pooling/ride-sharing, books).

SSO-connected service features

  • Portal Study & Teaching (QIS-LSF):
    • course catalogue,
    • room bookings,
    • self-service functions for students: register for and de-register from exams, edit personal details, view and print enrolment certificates, transcripts of records and module descriptions,
    • self-service functions for teaching staff: edit course details, enter current additional information, manage exam details.
  • CoronaNG:
    • registration for courses and lab places at the Medical Faculty,
    • o interfaces to process and distribute course information (QIS-LSF, Blue System, Moodle, EvaSys).

Linked services:

  • SOGo: web-based access to email & calendar services
  • Moodle: central Learning Management System (LMS) of the University
  • Bibliotheksrecherche
  • IDM
  • ETB
  • LinkedIn-Learning
  • Cloudstore
  • Mailinglisten
  • Redmine

User groups

Most of the service features of the Higher Education Services Portal require the user to log in with their kiz account. They are therefore generally limited to user groups who with kiz accounts (mainly members of the University). A role concept furthermore regulates which functions are available to the individual user.

Selected service features (e.g. course catalogue) are open to everyone anywhere in the world without authentication. Externals can also make use of the self-registration for a library account.

Service hours

24 x 7 x 365

Individual service features might have different service hours if they are generally only needed at certain times. No regular maintenance works are scheduled that may result in downtimes.

Application modalities

This service is available without previous application. A kiz account is required for service features that are only accessible with prior authentication.


This service is free of charge.

Communication and Information Centre (kiz)

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Using self-service functions of the Identity Management System (IDM): Administer permissions, subscribe to services, change passwords.

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Research in the library stock: monographs, textbooks, magazines, university publications, e-books, e-journals, national licenses, and the contents of the institutional repository OPARU.

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