Desktop Computing

Equipment rental (Notebooks)

The kiz provides facilities of the University of Ulm with notebooks for events, courses and projects. The notebooks have Windows already installed. The software package includes up-to-date standard software, but can also be customized by the borrower.

Managed desktops

The service provides centrally managed and integrated workstations domains for employees of the central university administration and the kiz. They are integrated into Active Directory and campus-wide locations. Desktop systems as well as mobile computers (notebooks) are used for this service.

PC pools

The kiz provides PC pools at a number of locations on the Oberer Eselsberg campus. There are a total of 180 PC workstations, which are operated either with Windows or Linux. The pools provide basic equipment with software as well as Internet access and the use of output devices for the respective user groups. In addition, the pools are equipped with software adapted to the specific needs and the respective user group. Selected pools can be used by institutions of the university to reserve their own courses.

Communication and Information Centre (kiz)

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    Please contact us if you have questions or problems related to the kiz services:
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  • Service Points

    Service Points are locations where you can visit us personally.

  • Identity Management

    Using self-service functions of the Identity Management System (IDM):

    • Administer permissions
    • Subscribe to services
    • Change passwords
    • ...

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