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The state service bwSync&Share is an online storage service. It provides users at universities and colleges in Baden-Württemberg with access to a data exchange service based on the Large Scale Data Facility (LSDF), which is installed at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). Data can be synchronized between different users, desktop computers and mobile devices and simultaneously secured at the KIT. Data can be accessed using Sync&Share clients for various operating systems (including Windows and Mac OS) and cross-platform via a web browser. The service is operated by the KIT and offered at the kiz.

Access (with/without login): bwSync&Share

Service description

  • 1st level support by kiz helpdesk.
  • Availability of a web interface to create folders and make them accessible to other users. Files can be uploaded and downloaded into these folders, which can then be accessed by other users.
  • Each user has an online storage quota of 25 GB available: The quota consists of the used memory and the file history (archive). Each time a file is changed, up to 5 previous versions are saved in the file history by default.
  • It is also possible to invite external users who do not have an account at a university or college in Baden-Württemberg. Once the access rights have been granted, the external user has access to the data.
  • Clients for different operating systems (Windows, MacOS, Linux) as well as for different mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android) are provided which allow an automatic synchronization of selected data areas with the bwSync&Share server. In this way, data can be kept synchronous across different mobile devices.
  • The transfer of data between client and server is encrypted, but the data is stored in plain text on the KIT server and is subject to German data protection regulations. The service is not suitable for storing personal data.

User groups

Members of Ulm University.

Service hours

24 x 7 x 365 ( usually)

The infrastructure of this service is operated by KIT. Restrictions on operating times are the responsibility of the operator and can be found on KIT's website for the bwSync&Share service.

Application conditions

In order to use the bwSync&Share service, a valid kiz account is required. Before using the service for the first time, a one-time registration at the KIT with the access data of the kiz account is required. Ulm University needs to be selected as the home organization on the registration page. Afterwards you will be redirected to the Shibboleth authentication page of Ulm University.

You can use the service via a web browser after registration. The bwSync&Share clients for Windows, Mac and Linux can also be downloaded there.

Charges / fees

There are currently no fees charged for the service. However, KIT is working on a cost model that may become effective at a later date.

Notes on IT security

  • The data stored by the users are saved unencrypted on KIT storage systems.
  • Access to data is restricted to the user who initially stored the data, as well as other users authorized by the data owner by assigning corresponding access rights.
  • The system is not suitable for storing personal data.


The user contract with the operator of the bwSync&Share service will not be extended. Therefore the service ends on 31.01.2020. Please backup your files before. Alternatively, you can use our CloudStore service, which offers a comparable scope of services.

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