The kiz has taken several measures to secure the campus network against attacks to the inside and outside. For instance, a construct of multiple firewalls continuously monitors the campus network and scans for suspicious devices, which could be infected or captured by viruses and botnets. Further security measures should be implemented by the administrators and users themselves in their own institutes. Supporting, we issue digital certificates to ensure confidential and private email-communication by the help of email signatures.

Virus Protection

Our service includes the provision of an anti-virus software package for Windows users, the maintenance of a virus scanner on our central email server, and support in the cut-off process of infected devices. We provide you with guidelines to running a secure system and to protect and remove computer viruses.

Digital Certificates

A digital certificate is an electronic set of data - like a passport - which describes certain traits of a person or device and can be validated through cryptographic means. When creating a new certificate a private and a public key are computed. Flowingly, the public key is supplemented with further data about certain traits, for example the name of the certificate receiver, which are further confirmed by the certificate issuer with their own signature. The hereby resulting set of data or document is the digital certificate of the person or device. In accordance with the DFN-PKI (Deutsches Forschungsnetz - Public Key Infrastructure) the kiz can issue user or server certificates for members of Ulm University on the security level 'global'.

University Firewall

Ulm University's network is separated into several subnetworks, which are secured between each other and to the outside through firewalls.

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