Printer Installation and Printer Driver

Unlike a printer directly connected to your computer or notebook the central output devices (b/w laser printer, colour laser printer, large format printer) are operated via the local network of the University of Ulm. The required LPR protocoll must be installed on your computer before you can install and use the printer of the kiz. The LPR software is part of your operating system.

For the installtion you need to be logged in with administrator privileges.

For the installation a printer you need following information:

Host name of the kiz print server

F&L network:

Name of the printer (Queue)

The queue defines to which printer your printer job is forwarded by the printer server. Most printers can be addressed through multiple queues depending on the chosen format of the print job e.g. single-sided or double-sided laminated etc. The queues also work as buffers (queues) where the print jobs are cached in case the printers are busy processing other print jobs. 

Overview of all available queues

Printer Driver

The PostScript printer driver which is included in your operating system - this is the case in all recent versions - will be adjusted to the relevant output device via a so called PPD (PostScript Printer Description). For the output devices of the kiz please use exclusively the PPD provided by us which is included in the above mentioned driver package (see: Downloads).

Notice: You can use the printer PPD at all printers listed in the "overview of all available queues" . For each printer which you would like to install and use later on an own LPR port has to be set up.

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