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The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is a client server protocol. It allows the distribution of configuration parameters necessary for the operation of the IP-network (like subnetmask, default gateway, IP address). It is delivered by a central DHCP-server. It is used mainly (but not exclusively) by mobile devices like notebooks, tablets and IP-phones.

DHCP is provided in some parts of the kiz ip infrastructure possibly as an extension for the static ip addresses.

Service features

  • Operation of two servers for the central DHCP service. One is productive and one is designed as backup.
  • Nightly synchronization between productive and backup system.
  • The fail-over is done manually in case of needs.
  • For every subnet a DHCP-helper is configured on the corresponding router, who is handling the requests between client and server.
  • The DHCP service is provided in the following networks:
    • WLAN (welcome & eduroam)
    • dormitory networks
    • IP phones in O27
  • In addition, DHCP is explicitly made available in other networks for individual devices, if required by specific operational requirements. In general, the devices are in this case clearly identified (among others via the MAC address) and are given an IP address dynamically in the respective network for the relevant device via DHCP.

User groups

All persons and departments who use network devices in one of the DHCP-supplied networks.

Service hours

24 x 7 x 365

Application modalities



This service is free of charge.

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