Mentorship for Molecular Medicine PhD Students (M4M)

"M4M - Mentorship for Molecular Medicine PhD Students" is the name of the mentor model programme at Ulm University which is executed by ZAWiW on behalf of the International Graduate School in Molecular Medicine Ulm (IGradU) which is (further) developed and carried out since January 2009. It brings together PhD students from the Graduate School and older adults from Ulm and its surroundings for exchange and for support. Also the German PhD students are welcome to all activities.

The central idea of the programme is to bring together PhD students and mentors right from the start for support in everyday life and to communicate different aspects (culture, economy, history, ...). Further aspects and the background are to build bridges between the different stages of life and to give impressions of everyday culture by common events like excursions or thematical evenings but especially by personal contacts and support. Also the acquisition of language skills shall be facilitated. So the PhD students get the chance of better integration in a foreign country. The older adults benefit from new experiences with people from distant countries.

In case of any questions you may contact info-m4m(at)