M4M: Experiences with interculturality

An important element of M4M is the meeting of people of different cultures. Different views as regards everyday life but as well philosophy of life, different ways of behaviour and expressions, imprints, values etc. can be discovered. Some immediately, some delayed, some remain hidden. But it is not only about differences, but also about alikeness or maybe even the same.

Interculturality is figuratively spoken the building of bridges at the meetings of different cultures: becoming acquainted with unfamiliar aspects, finding of disjunctive and conjunctive aspects, questioning own positions belongs also to it - interculturality means respectful exchange and is the background for two-way acceptance.

On this website examples shall be collected. The following subjects are offered:

Subject "Everyday objects" (starting in project year 2011/12)

Description of an everyday object which is important or interesting for you - from the own cultural context or from a foreign one. Which one is it? Why is it important or interesting? What does it stand for? If you like add a picture.

Subject "International cookbook" (starting in project year 2012)

Description of a typical meal/drink with recipe, not to difficult to imitate it.

This reflexion shall be about the small aspects, the focus on everyday life. And this website shall provide the cause for further discussions about the mentioned subjects at personal meetings, at excursions, Jours fixes or e.g. by email to build further intercultural bridges. Also linguistic bridges may be built, e.g. if mentors help to translate English contributions of the PhD students into German and the other way round.

Please send your input which shall be released in "Everyday objects" via email to Nicola Haff. Contributions for the "International cookbook" please also per email to Nicola Haff.

Continuative questions could be e.g.:

If you came to Germany:

  • What have I discovered in Germany what is different from my home but what I didn't expect?
  • What is similar in Germany compared to my home country what I also didn't expect?

If you are from Germany:

  • Which differences have I discovered in meeting people from abroad what I didn't expect?
  • Which similarities have I discovered what I also didn't expect?

For both groups:

How has my view as regards Germany changed, how was it before, how is it now, what is proven true, what not?

  • How is my view as regards other countries, my home country?
  • What have I learned during the intercultural exchange and what would I like to learn?
  • What do  want to know from the other culture?
  • Or also: what does mean (feeling) home for me?
Tasty self-made strawberry jam: a piece of feeling home on the breakfast table. (Source: sör alex / photocase.com)
Tasty self-made strawberry jam: a piece of feeling home on the breakfast table. (Source: sör alex / photocase.com)
Home? Typical German? But where is the belling stag? (Source: aussi97 / photocase.com)
Home? Typical German? (Source: aussi97 / photocase.com)