Information for application

How to find a PhD Project

These are the most convenient ways to find a suitable project for a PhD at the International Graduate School in Molecular Medicine Ulm:

  • Find a professor in Ulm who is willing to accept and fund you for a PhD position.

Admission Requirements

We accept new students in spring and fall of each year. Next selection days for new students will take place on 25./26.July.

The formal admission requirements are these:

  • A Master of Science degree (or equivalent) in either the life sciences, physics, chemistry, informatics or a related field.
  • An overall grade of 2.0 or better according to the German grading system.

Suitable applicants are invited to our PhD Selection Days in Ulm. Here they give oral presentations on the topic of their master thesis and are personally interviewed by representatives of the school and project leaders. Following our PhD Selection Days, applicants will be admitted to the PhD programme on condition that:

  • The oral presentation has been evaluated with a grade of 2.0 or better.
  • The applicant has demonstrated above average English language skills.
  • A project leader officially agreed to accept the applicant as a PhD student.

How to finance a PhD position

Acceptance into our PhD Programme is only possible when you have been accepted for a position. We ask that you determine in advance how your PhD position will be financed. The following options are proposed:

  • gain acceptance for a paid PhD position through a professor from Ulm (job opportunities Universitätsklinik Ulm; University Ulm)
  • finance yourself either through a scholarship from your home country, from the DAAD, or from any other funding organization

Please ask your supervisor or your funding organization about the monthly funding rate.

Please note: There are no tuition fees for doctoral students at Ulm University.