Congratulations to our graduates

Ulm University

Congratulations to our graduates who have finished the International PhD-Programm in Molecular Medicine within the last six months!

The graduation ceremony took place on October, 9th, 2019, embedded in our Fall Meeting taking place this time in the Zeughaus

Bertozzi, Alberto Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Blätte, Tamara Clinic for Internal Medicine IIIl
Braun, Elisabeth Institute of Molecular Virology
Förtsch, Sandra Clinic for Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy
Hipp, Lisa Institute of Physiological Chemistry
Ianes, Chiara Department of General and Visceral Surgery
Lux, Susanne Clinic for Internal Medicine IIIlC
Merz, Tamara Institute of Anesthesiological Pathophysiology and Process Engineering
Puscalu-Girtu, Ioana Institute of Protein Biochemistry
Schilling, Corinna Institute of Physiological Chemistry
Umesh, Tharehalli Clinic for Internal Medicine I
Walter, Karolin Clinic for Internal Medicine I
Zahn, Malena Institute of Pathology