Improve your Textbook Knowledge

The lecture series "Improve your textbook knowledge" is a general introduction into different aspects of Molecular Medicine. The topics presented in the IYTK module should give you a broad overview of important topics in research with the focus on novel methods & their application in this field or state of the art findings that are so important they will appear in all textbooks soon.

The lecture series are compulsory for all first-year students of the PhD Programme. Students have to attend at least 85 % of the sessions in the first year of the PhD-studies. By way of exception the missing sessions can also be heard during the second year of the PhD-studies.

The lectures for the summer term 2022 start on April 27th, 2022 every Wednesday at 5.00 p.m. in lecture room "Hörsaal Innere Medizin". 

Bereich Uni Ost
Gebäude O23
Niveau 2
Raum-Nr. 2619
Date Presenter Title Chair
27.04.22 Paul Walther Electron Microscopy in life sciences Sarah Merz
04.05.22 Francesco Roselli Viral vectors for neuroscience and gene therapy Gautami Amarnath
11.05.22 Andrew Westhoff Jack the Ripper & the golden Age of Medicine  Nika Koshnevis
18.05.22 Steffen Just Heart regeneration -  Fishing for mechanisms Naser Kazemitash
25.05.22 Marcin Lyszkiewicz Post-transcriptional gene regulation in the immune system Antonia Seitz
01.06.22 Christian Sinzger Methods for the analysis of virus entry into cells Nicole Stadler
08.06.22 Melanie Haffner-Luntzer Translational bone fracture healing research: from mice to humans Diana Huber
15.06.22 Melanie Scharpf DNA damage response and its role in aging Gregoire Najjar
22.06.22 Tamara Merz Hydrogen sulfide and oxytocin in trauma Chiara Pastorio
29.06.22 Sofia Meyer zu Reckendorf Injury and Regeneration in the Peripheral Nervous System Sujin Kim
06.07.22 Lea Krutzke Cancer Immunotherapy using Oncolytic Viruses Julian Niemann
13.07.22 Katharina Ernst Bacterial toxins Dorina Haider
20.07.22 Jan-Philipp Delling Revealing cellular nanostructure via Expansion Microscopy Paula Klassen


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