Board of Directors

The International Graduate School in Molecular Medicine Ulm is an interdisciplinary central institution of Ulm University headed by a Board of Directors consisting of a chairman, a vice chairman, a representative of the presidency of Ulm University and a managing director. The Board of Directors is responsible for the scientific profile of the Graduate School, the interdisciplinary training, the regulation of programmes, the performance-based allocation of resources and public relations. While the chairman acts as the representative of the Graduate School towards the outside world, the managing director is responsible for the school’s administrative management. Both are official representatives of the Graduate School in financial affairs. The board decides on all financial issues concerning the Graduate School, such as work contracts, student scholarships and applications for the various social programmes on offer etc. see members

Advisory Board

The Board of Directors is supported by an International and Scientific Advisory Board which offers suggestions for the general development of the Graduate School and its PhD programme. The Advisory Board includes scientists from Ulm University’s various faculties in addition to those from other international research institutes as well as representatives from pharmaceutical companies. While the scientific members ensure the international compatibility of the PhD programme and its compliance with international standards, the representatives from industry offer advice that is particularly relevant to the employability of our PhD graduates. The members of the faculties of Ulm University assist in identifying those interdisciplinary subjects that can improve the training of doctoral students. see members

PhD Committee

The PhD Committee is in charge of the scientific monitoring and development of the International PhD Programme in Molecular Medicine right from the start of the application procedure through to the thesis defence. It is responsible for the assessment of applications in order to maintain the high standards of research required by the programme. Furthermore, the PhD Committee supervises the school’s compliance with the regulations of the programme and constantly improves them. It also conducts the intermediate as well as the final evaluation of students. The PhD Committee consists of 8 scientists from Ulm University and one student representative. see members


Ombudspersons are the first port of call for members and staff members of the university wishing to clarify issues concerning good scientific practice or in the event of a suspected case of scientific misconduct. see members

Coordination Office

Advice and support for applicants and PhD students are provided by the Coordination Office of the Graduate School. The office preselects applications and coordinates the selection procedure. It organizes curricular and extracurricular activities as well as meetings and examinations, and is responsible for the Graduate School’s public relations. It also coordinates the smooth interaction and cooperation between the large number of people and institutions involved in the Graduate School. contact