Please find below some information about finding accomodation in Ulm:

International Office Website

The International Office of Ulm University provides a very helpful website with a lot of useful information for international students. Go to “Housing” for information about apartments/student residences. We recommend you to apply for private housing first rather than applying for an apartment in a student residence since these are mostly reserved for Bachelor/Master students. If you still want to apply for a student residence, focus on No. 11 -20 which are not administrated by the student union and thus more likely to be given to PhD Students.

The link to the website is www.uni-ulm.de/en/international/welcome-to-ulm.html.

Private Student Residences

Please find below some links to private websites of selected student residences with a few sample pictures of the living space they provide:

Virtual Bulletin Board

The virtual bulletin board of Ulm University posts room offers from private people who are willing to rent a free rooms/apartments in their house. There are also room offers from students who live in a shared flat and are looking for a new roommate. Unfortunately this website is not available in English, but you can try calling the contact person who will be happy to help you.

Furthermore the Graduate School and M4M are offering a message board for our PhD students. You can also post messages there or look for offers.

Message Board Graduate School

Virtual bulletin board  of Ulm University.

Hotels in Ulm

If you still weren´t able to find an apartment yet and/or need a short term accommodation, please have a look at the two links below that contain information about hotels in Ulm.