Equipment Commission of the University of Ulm (without Faculty of Medicine)

Every procurement of a net amount of 100,000 Euros or more must be approved by the Executive Board of the university. For this purpose, the Executive Board has appointed an Equipment Commission as an advisory committee. An application to the Equipment Commission can be submitted at any time; the form is based on the DFG's form for an application for major research instrumentation according to Art. 91b.

Typical procedure

  1. application submission by professor to Res.UL
  2. examination of the formal criteria by Res.UL
  3. review of the application and preparation of a recommendation to the Presidium by the Equipment Commission
  4. decision by the Executive Board
  5. submission of a major research instrumentation application or start of procurement process


  • Application form (doc)* for a proposal to the Equipment Commission of the University of Ulm for the acquisition of a major piece of equipment (from 100,000 euros net)
  • Statute (pdf)* of the Equipment Commission of 05.05.2022
  • Circular No. 14/2022 (pdf)* of the Vice-President for Research of 28.09.2022

*only readable within the university network

Background, objectives and tasks

The administrative regulation of the Ministry of Science on special regulations for the implementation of the state budget for the area of higher education (VwV-Sonderregelungen Hochschulen) stipulates that prior to the procurement of equipment with a procurement value of 100,000 euros or more at the universities, an internal scientific assessment must be carried out. For the implementation of this regulation, the Executive Board has decided to set up an equipment commission, which prepares recommendations for the Executive Board for decision-making prior to the procurement of equipment.

The Equipment Commission is made up of representatives from all departments and the administration. Its mandate is to assist researchers and the Executive Board in the procurement of equipment in order to leverage possible synergies, to ensure optimal chances of success in the case of applications for third-party funding, and to ensure that the conditions of use are coordinated across the university.

The commission develops recommendations for investments in major research instrumentation, including in the context of appointment and tenure negotiations and for proposals in the DFG programme line "Scientific Instrumentation and Information Technology (WGI)”. If the specific procurement has already been promised within the framework of the appointment negotiations, it can be dispensed with being dealt with in the Equipment Commission. In addition, its tasks include recommendations on the strategic planning of large-scale equipment investments and on organizational aspects, e.g. Core Facilities.

In preparing its recommendation to the Executive Board, the Commission takes into account the development planning of the university and the department as well as cooperation opportunities and third-party funding potential. In addition, information in the application form on possible follow-up costs and construction measures as well as requirements resulting from legal regulations (for example, data protection, export control, technical protection requirements) linked to the procurement of equipment form the basis of the recommendation.