Support for First-Time Research Grants and Junior Research Groups (Medical Faculty)

Increased Overheads for First-Time DFG Grants

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In order to encourage young scientists (within 8 years after conferral of doctorate) to apply for their first research grant from the DFG, the Medical Faculty offered them a higher percentage of the overheads as incentive so far. With this money the scientist could improve the infrastructure of his/her research group. Unfortunately, new DFG regulations apparently do not allow this anymore after January 1, 2023. The Medical Faculty is therefore developing alternative programs that will be communicated on this web page in due time. The following program is still possible:

Strengthening Junior Research Groups

Holders of an Emmy Noether Independent Junior Research Group Grant of the DFG or similar grants from other funding agencies with overheads are provided with an additional Post-Doc position (E13 100%) from the Medical Faculty for 3 years.

The additional scientist shall strengthen the young research group (publications, third-party funding). The program is an incentive to apply for junior research groups from donors paying overheads.

In the case of a Max Eder Junior Research Group of the German Cancer Aid (it comes without overheads) the Medical Faculty contributes an additional 10% of the annual funding sum for three years. 

A possible continuation of this support after three years until the end of the project (which is after 5-6 years for Emmy Noether Independent Junior Research Groups) is a performance-related decision by the Faculty Board on a by-case basis. In case the the junior research group or its head moves to another university, the support is discontinued. 

If you successfully applied for a junior research group please contact the Center for Research Strategy and Support in order to receive your support. We can already advise you during the application procedure and arrange letters of support.