Clinician Scientist Programme of the Medical Faculty

Call for proposals - Clinician Scientist Program (CSP) of the Medical Faculty, Funding period 2019/21

With immediate effect applications for individual funding of projects within the new Clinician Scientist Program (rotation positions, leave from clinical work) can be submitted. The goal of this program for young scientists is to help them start their own research projects that enable them to achieve the previous work and publications that are usually required to successfully attract third-party funding.

Those rotation positions (formerly called Baustein 3.4J/3.4S) will be tendered from now on within this new Clinician Scientist Program.

The Clinician Scientist Program is established for a period of 2 years with the option of a further extension period of one year (evaluation by the Research Committee of the Medical Faculty).

The document “Call for proposals” can be found here. (in German only)

The general conditions can be read here. (in German only)

Application Modalities

The application must include following documents:

  1. Application form (initial application or application for extension; formal requirements are listed in the document)
  2. Curriculum vitae containing a list of publications (maximum of 10) and a list of third-party funds
  3. Confirmation of the clinical institution regarding the leave from clinical work and the partial financing of the candidate (Attention: for externally funded candidates there is a separate form)
  4. Confirmation of the clinical institution regarding the continued employment of the candidate following the Clinician Scientist Program
  5. Confirmation of the hosting institution regarding lab-/office workplace and financing of bench fees
  6. Confirmation of the mentoring

Please note that the documents are available in German only.

But application form (1.) as well as curriculum vitae (2.) can be submitted in German as well as in English.

Please submit your application:

  • concluding the requested documents (order 1-6) linked as a PDF-file
  • as well as the application form separately as a Word-document via e-mail by mentioning the keyword “CSP 2019/21” to the e-mail address forschung(at)
  • In addition, please send a printout of the complete application to Dr. Lysann Palkowitsch (for contact details see below).

Application deadline: January 07, 2019 (11:00 a.m.)

Start of funding (planned): April 01, 2019

Contact person

Dr. Lysann Palkowitsch
Center for Research Strategy and Support
Ulm University
N26, room 302
Albert-Einstein-Allee 11
89081 Ulm

Final Reports

Grant holders are required to submit a final report (using that given document) to the Center for Research Strategy and Support via E-Mail to Dr. Lysann Palkowitsch within six months after the end of the funding.


Dr. Lysann Palkowitsch

Ulm University
Center for Research Strategy and Support
Albert-Einstein-Allee 11
N26, room 302
89081 Ulm, Germany

Phone: +49 (0)731/50-33634
Fax: +49 (0)731/50-33639