Start-Up Funding Program of the Medical Faculty (Bausteinprogramm)

The goal of this program for young scientists (called Bausteinprogramm in German) is to help them start their own research projects that enable them to achieve the previous work and publications that are usually required to successfully attract third-party funding.

The next call for the funding period 2019/20 is planned in autumn/winter 2018. We will inform in time.

Final Reports

Grant holders are required to submit a final report (using the form provided) to the Center for Research Strategy and Support (Dr. Lysann Palkowitsch, Albert-Einstein-Allee 11, N26, room 302; e-mail: lysann.palkowitsch(at) within six months after the end of the funding.


Dr. Lysann Palkowitsch

Ulm University
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89081 Ulm, Germany

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