Introduction to Business Administration

This course is designed for everyone with a first academic degree who wants to get basic knowledge on business administration. The course can be booked alone, but it can also be a good preparation for other courses offered by SAPS or can even pave the way for enrolling in one of the master’s programs.

On-campus attendance:

to be determined


Module description

You can find the module description here.

Contents of the module

  • Setting up a firm: In the first chapter the firm is conceived as a “object of experience of business administration”. After a short overview on the various classification concepts of business administration there will be presented the tasks of the management.
  • Production: The second chapter focuses on the production as main operational function. The production and cost theory are presented as well as the various planning horizons of the production.
  • Marketing: It’s the marketing’s task to put the products (including the services) on the market. Its significance, tasks and goals are explained in chapter three.
  • Investment and Financing: In order to ensure the continuity of the firm in the long-run, the provision of funds and its usage should be carefully planned. Chapter four explains the circuit of funds.
  • Accounting: The last chapter discusses the tasks and essential components of a firm’s accounting unit. Its goal is it to quantify the processes and relations within a firm and to provide that information for planning, steering and control purposes.

Learning aims of the course

In a combination of mostly e-learning and on-campus lectures we will teach you the basics of business administration or refresh your prior knowledge. We introduce you to various topics in the area of business administration and pave the way to other courses or even whole study programs for you. Nowadays, basic knowledge in business administration is necessary for enhancing your career, since a promotion into a leadership position always means to take over management tasks.

This course gives you an overview and deepens your knowledge on the various segments of business administration. The participants will be able to recognize the links between performance and monetary circulation they will be able to evaluate the impact of entrepreneurial decisions on the balance sheet and the income statement in order to derive conclusions for the management of the corporation.

While the field of economics is referring to the scientific study of human action, especially to human choice and the utilization of scarce resources, the field of business administration is concerned with the economical, organizational, technical and financial processes in a corporation. By learning to describe, explain and analyze corporations and the ongoing processes, you (as a decision maker) will be enabled to derive specific recommendations for your corporation.

Learning setting

  • Self-study with learning material that is offered on a learning platform (script, videos, interactive exercises) as well as a book that is provided.
  • Online-seminars (webinars)
  • Possibility of thematic exchange in an online forum
  • One day of on-campus attendance
  • Final written exam


A first academic degree (all possible areas of study), no other specific requirements

Technical preconditions for e-Learning

Recommended requirements:

  • Desktop computer or notebook, with a supported version of Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS or Linux
  • Headset
  • Current version of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari or Microsoft Edge
  • Access to the internet (e.g., via xDSL, Cable, LTE, 5G) with a minimum data rate of 3 Mbit/s for downstream and 384 kbit/s for upstream.

In case of questions regarding the technical requirements, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Activity confirmation

Regular participation in online seminars will help you solving exercises, which have to be loaded up to the learning management system after request of the mentor. Passing the exercises successfully is recommended for participation in the final oral examination at Ulm University. For further information, please have a look into the module description.


After successfully finishing your exam you will receive a certificate and a supplement, which will list the contents of the module and the competencies you have acquired. The final written exam is graded. The certificate for the course “Introduction to Business Administration” confirms you the equivalent of 3 credit points (European Credit Transfer System). Therefore, the participates should plan with approximately 90 hours containing self-study, guidance, on-campus attendance, time for preparing and giving the exam.

Study fees

The fee for participating in the module “Introduction to Business Administration” is 270 Euro, the study fee for enrolled students is 220 Euro.

The participation fee includes the following textbook: Needle, D. (2016): Business in context: an introduction to business and its environment, 6th Edition. ISBN 978-1-4080-9521-8. You will receive the book after registration and payment.


Prof. Dr. Kai-Uwe Marten
Director of the institute of Accounting and Auditing


M.Sc. Christa Bosch
Institute of Accounting and Auditing