Advice to language course registration

In the winter semester 2020/21 enrolment for all courses offered by the Language Centre (ASQ, foreign languages / intercultural competence) will be carried out via the registration system CORONA. The enrolment period begins on Monday 2th November at 4 p.m. (16:00 hours - only English- and Business-English-Courses and 16.30 hours - all other courses) and ends on Friday 6st November at 12 noon (12:00 hours). You can place your planned courses on a watch list in advance of enrolment. You may read more about this in the CORONA guidance information.
The Language Centre’s programme for Winter semester 2020/21 can be viewed in the university’s course catalogue (Vorlesungsverzeichnis).

Advice to language course registration

Registration for courses in the Language Centre , e.g. German courses


Please go to    ►

Corona (= Campus Online Resource Organisation Administration)

Login: Corona Enrolment System

 Welcome to CoranaNG

CoronaNG is a service for administrating notifiable courses.

Go to  ►Mein CoronaNG

Veranstaltungen (courses)

►Vorlesungsverzeichnis (course catalogue)

►Zentrum für Sprachen und Philologie (Centre for Languages and Philology)

►Deutsch als Fremdsprache/DaF (German as a Foreign Language)

►Chose a German course

1.      Click on the course once: you will open the module (dark grey window)

2.      Click on the module: you will open the course or a course list

3.      Mark the course by placing a tick

4.      Scroll down to „Markierungen setzen“ (place markers), open the window

5.      Here you can choose between:

-       Markierungen setzen

-       Alle Markierungen aufheben (cancel all markers)

-       Markierte beobachten (observe marked courses)

-       An Markierten teilnehmen (attend marked courses)

6.      After making your choice, click on „Ausführen“ (execute)

 Tipps & Tricks

-          Log in a few minutes before the registration opening time!

During the peak load, logging in will take longer.

-          If you like you can use „Beobachtungen & Teilnahmen“ (observations & attendances)

You can add courses before registration begins by using „Beobachten“ (observation) in „Beobachten & Teilnehmen“. Navigation through the course will be easier this way.

The option „Beobachten“ offers you the following possibilities:


  •  An overview of your binding course registration.
  • During the registration time you can deregister from courses yourself (alternatively you have to send an e-Mail to zsp(at) )
  • You can observe how many students observe courses (B), how many students already registered bindingly (T) and the maximum number of available places (M). This way you are able to calculate your chances better.
  • The column „Status“ (S.) shows you whether registration is possible or whether you already got a place.
  • The column „Sortierung“ (S.) helps you to organize your own observing list (e.g. according to your preference).
  • Please note that you can only register for one course of a module.
  • If you add courses to the observing list before registration beginns, you can register for all your chosen courses by one click at the beginning of the registration time. This way you will have better chances to get a place
  • What to do if you do not get a place in the course you had chosen? Observing your course list will give you the possibility to see if another student cancelled his course. In this case you can register for the course then.  
  • Please be fair and deregister as soon as possible from courses which you do not want to attend anymore. It is necessary to enable other students to take your place.
  • Please note: You will lose your place in a course if you miss the first session without apology. If you cannot attend the first session, please inform the language centre office.