Society for the promotion of ZAWiW

banner of the ZAWiW

The societyof ZAWiW is a department of the Ulm University Society e.V. (UUG), it currently has about 400 members and the following tasks:

The Society:

  • ideally and financial support of ZAWiW
  • Advising the ZAWiW on the further development of scientific offers
  • Representation of the interests of its members in accordance with the statutes of the UUG and the procedural rules of the society

The minimum contribution for members of the society (including the membership of the Ulm University Society) is currently 40€ for private persons and 200€ per year for companies and institutions.

Members of the board of the Society:

  • Mr. Dr. Götz Hartung (Chairman)
  • Mr. Prof. Dr. Frank Stehling (Repr. Chairman)
  • Mr. Hans-Joachim Winnefeld (Treasurer)
  • Mr. Dr. Wolfgang Doster (Secretary)
  • Ms. Elke Lehnert (Assessor)
  • Ms. Angela Barczyk (Assessor)
  • Ms. Cornelia Meindl-Schäfer (Assessor)
  • Ms. Elke Suhlry-Brandner (Assessor)

Further information from the Chairman of the ZAWiW Society.