Topics of future academy weeks

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Topics of future academy weeks

At the Round Table during the Autumn Academy 2018 and at the General Assembly of the ZAWiW's Circle of Sponsors, the following topics were proposed for future Academy Weeks.
What do you think? We look forward to your comments / additions:

  • A "political" week - lectures on current political events
  • An "environmental" week - how people deal with their environment (habits, behavior, consumption)
  • Alexander von Humboldt - what can we learn from him?
  • The origin of man
  • Extremism - extremes
  • mobility
  • Technology Assessment, e.g. in terms of microelectronics, robotics, implants, genetic engineering
  • Transhuman society
  • Epigenetics: Gene regulation by external influences. Does it overturn the dogma that characteristics of an organism at birth are invariably determined by the genetic material?

Time and again, the idea of ​​accompanying the academy weeks through journalistic work, e.g. in cooperation with the LernCafe or a group of ViLE e.V. Does anyone have any interest in getting actively involved in such a "reporter" group? Let us know!

Contact person:

Dr. Annette Wettstein
Secound manager
academic assistant,
Academic weeks,
Researching Learning,
Telephon: +49 (0)731 50-26610