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Since 2008, ZAWiW conducts projects and activities with partner organisations in the Danube Region, for example the projects Danube-Networkers, DANET (Danube-Networkers at Work), DASUN (Danube Seniors' Universities) and others. The aim is to promote civil society and the active participation of seniors in the united Europe, to foster lifelong learning for seniors and to create structures supporting these aims.
To reach this aim Danube Networkers for Europe e.V. (DANET) was founded in March 2014 as registered association in Ulm. DANET views itself as an international umbrella association of education institutions from Danube countries, aiming to foster, develop and advertise innovative strategies for education and science in the domains of lifelong learning, social participation and intergenerational dialogue. By internal counseling and qualification for members the common education interests and strategies for cooperative transnational programmes will be fostered.

Carmen Stadelhofer is the chairwoman of DANET, she represents ILEU, an associated institute of Ulm University, where the office of DANET is located. Markus Marquard is part of DANET’s management board as treasurer, representing Ulm University and ZAWiW in the European umbrella association.

A website had been developed presenting these projects and actions at a glance: www.danube-networkers.eu

Here you will find an overview about the project websites from ZAWiW:

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