Danube Women City Guide

These days, the European Danube Women City Guide is being launched with the aim of raising the awareness of women and their lives along the Danube. In addition, the cross-national exchange on current and historical women's issues in the Danube region is to be strengthened. The project contributes to the realization of the European Danube region strategy. In particular, it aims to connect young women from the Danube region by bringing together the knowledge of the historical and contemporary significance of women in different cities along the Danube.

In cross-generational activities, an awareness of their performance is to be created. In the course of this project, alternative women's cities will be developed in different cities along the Danube. Together, women go on a journey of discovery, to recognize the contributions of women, discuss the gender and give the opportunity to reflect their own roles. The influence and impact of women in the respective city should be made visible and a contribution to the gender equality strategy of the European Union will be provided.