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Registration for the Summer Semester 2017

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For the summer semester 2017 I would like to participate in the following events of ZAWiW:

Working groups in the sense of research learning


Coordination: Erwin Hutterer, ZAWiW

Working Group Botany
Scientific accompaniment: Sybille Braun, Diplom-Biologin

Working Group Solar
Moderation and scientific accompaniment: Erwin Hutterer, Diplom-Biologist, ZAWiW


Coordination: Markus Marquard, M.A, ZAWiW

Working Group "Life Design in Aging" (AK Aging)
Moderation and scientific accompaniment: Dr. Florian Bödecker, Dr. Markus Marquard M.A., both ZAWiW

Working Group AltJung - intergenerational projects
Moderation and scientific accompaniment: Anke Grupp, Ulm Education Agency

Working Group History
Scientific accompaniment: PD Dr. Horst Schmidt, formerly department of anthropology

Working group women's history
Moderation and scientific accompaniment: Idalia Reisheller;
Speakers of the AK: Brigitte Nguyen-Duong and Dr. Erla Spatz-Zöllner

Working Group Danube Networkers
Moderation and scientific accompaniment: Carmen Stadelhofer;
Speaker: Hanns Hanagarth

Working Group Media
Moderation and scientific accompaniment: Dr. Markus Marquard (ZAWiW)
speakers: Wolfgang Doster and Christa Glöggler

Workgroup economy
Scientific supervision: Prof. Dr. Frank Stehling, formerly Dept. of Economics, University of Ulm

Further activities

Working Group ASSIST (Active Partnership and Support of Senior Consultants for International Students)
Speakers: Rüdiger Miksch and Eberhard Theile

Working Group M4M (Mentorship for Molecular Medicine PhD Students)
Moderation: Belinda Schmalekow, ZAWiW,
Speakers: Ulla Fricke, Heide Rau,



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The fee for participation in work-related research trips is € 40 per semester, regardless of the number of working groups in which the participation is taking place. For members of the ZAWiW funding circle, this amount is reduced to € 20,- per semester.

To the register of the Ulm University, IBAN: DE68 6305 0000 0000 0050 50,
Intended use: "Veranstaltungen ZAWiW SS2017, KSt 190300"
The following euro amount shall be paid:

* Fields with asterisks must be filled, otherwise no editing is possible.

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