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Since the founding of the "Learning in Later Life" network within a conference 995 in Ulm, the ZAWiW is involved to the promotion of exchanges and cooperation between senior citizens' training organizations and senior citizens. The three-year Socrates project LiLL ( was followed by other international activities such as Conferences, exchange visits of senior citizens and European cooperation projects.

The coordination of the projects is partly in the hands of the ZAWiW, partly in other organizations. All projects coordinated by ZAWiW include the use of the new communication technology and the active participation of senior students.

Overview about the activities in Europe:

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Content of the PDFs

  • Ambitions
  • Projects, promoted by EU
  • Project "Learning in Later Life"
  • European Conferencen
  • Europe-Kompactweek
  • Task force of Research-based Learning
  • Seminare/ Series of lectures
  • Videoconferences
  • active affilication in international consortia
  • Bulletin "Learning in Later Life"
  • Main lecture by Carmen Stadelhofer
  • Publications
  • <link einrichtungen zawiw angebote europaweite-aktivitaeten digital-danube-mobility> Digital Danube Mobility
  • <link einrichtungen zawiw angebote europaweite-aktivitaeten machbarkeitsstudie-danube> Machbarkeitsstudie Danube
  • <link einrichtungen zawiw angebote europaweite-aktivitaeten danube-networkers> Danube-Networkers
  • <link einrichtungen zawiw angebote europaweite-aktivitaeten abgeschlossene-projekte>Abgeschlossene Projekte
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