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Since the winter semester 2008/2009, the ZAWiW of the Ulm University performed an online lecture series in cooperation with various universities and institutions for the development of senior citizens in the whole federal territory.

In the summer semester 2017, 15 university institutes of scientific continuing education - all members of the Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Wissenschaftliche Weiterbildung für Ältere (BAG WiWA) of the German Society for Scientific continuing Education and Distance Learning (DGWF) – will offer a nationwide online lecture series.
The theme is this time:

Reformation and Revolution
Social change and its transitions

In four events, representatives from a number of scientific disciplines address the topic and examine it from different perspectives. The special about this is that the lectures are transmitted by videoconferencing from the university where the lecturer is held, to the lecture halls of all the other involved institutions. In addition, the presentations of the lectures are made available to a broader audience via the Internet, regardless of time or place.

The series does not only addresses senior students, but also to other students of all disciplines, pupils, teachers and university staff, as well as other interested parties. Participation is free.

Further information:

Privious topics:
  • Wintersemester 2008/2009: Globalisation and sustainability
  • Wintersemester 2009/2010: Europe und sustainability
  • Wintersemester 2010/2011: Our city - yesterday, today, tomorrow
  • Summersemester 2012: Grow old - everyone for himself or all together
  • Summersemester 2013: „Adventure  Age - here and today“
  • Summersemester 2014: Technic
  • Summersemester 2015: Discomfort on Europe
  • Summersemester 2016: Escape and Migration – Causes and effects
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