Felix Piontek, M.Sc.

Research Assistant

My employment with Ulm University ended in summer 2020.

Should you have questions concerning my topics, please contact me via LinkedIn or Xing.


Research Topic

Life cycle assessment of product service systems (in particular rental concepts) in the textile industry.

Scientific Interests

  • Life cycle assessment (ISO 14040 and 14044)
  • Product service systems
  • Living labs


conference paper, book chapters:

Piontek, F.M., Amasawa, E., Kimita K. (2020). Environmental implication of casual wear rental services: Case of Japan and Germany. Procedia CIRP, 90, 724-729.

Piontek, F. M., Rapaport, M., & Müller, M. (2019). One year of Clothing Consumption of a German Female Consumer. Procedia CIRP, 80, 417-421.

Gonser, M., Eckart, J., Eller, C., Köglberger, K., Häußler, E., & Piontek, F. M. (2019). Unterschiedliche Handlungslogiken in transdisziplinären und transformativen Forschungsprojekten–Welche Risikokulturen entwickeln sich daraus und wie lassen sie sich konstruktiv einbinden?. In Transdisziplinär und transformativ forschen, Band 2 (pp. 39-83). Springer VS, Wiesbaden.

Köglberger, K., Dietz, R., Eller, C., Piontek, F. M., Albiez, M., & Potthast, T. (2019). Schutz in der Exposition, Schutz für die Exposition–Wie man in transdisziplinären und transformativen Forschungsformaten mit Ungewohntem und erhöhter Aufmerksamkeit umgeht. In Transdisziplinär und transformativ forschen, Band 2 (pp. 93-138). Springer VS, Wiesbaden.

Pohl, J., Suski, P., Haucke, F., Piontek, F. M., & Jäger, M. (2019). Beyond Production—the Relevance of User Decision and Behaviour in LCA. In Progress in Life Cycle Assessment 2018 (pp. 3-19). Springer, Cham.

Piontek, F. M., & Müller, M. (2018). Literature Reviews: Life Cycle Assessment in the Context of Product-Service Systems and the Textile Industry. Procedia CIRP69(1), 758-763.

Piontek, F. M., Rehberger, M., & Müller, M. (2019). Development of a Functional Unit for a Product Service System: One Year of Varied Use of Clothing. In Progress in Life Cycle Assessment (pp. 99-104). Springer, Cham.

Arnold, A., & Piontek, F. M. (2018). Zentrale Begriffe im Kontext der Reallaborforschung. In Transdisziplinär und transformativ forschen (pp. 143-154). Springer VS, Wiesbaden.

Research Projects

  • Reality Lab Sustainable Transformation of the Textile Industry in Dietenheim "Dietenheim zieht an" (Dietenheim dresses up)
  • Procedural enzymatic and genomic characterization of a flexible biogas production using sugar beets (FLEXIZUCKER)


WiSe 19: Sustainable Corporate Management (teaching assistant)

SoSe 19: Sustainable Management (SAPS, mentor)

SoSe 19: Seminar Service Service Learning (supervisor)

SoSe 19: Project Course Sustainability (supervisor)

SoSe 19: Sustainable Management (SAPS, mentor)

WiSe 18/19: Sustainable Corporate Management (teaching assistant)

SoSe 18: Special Questions on Sustainability (supervisor)

SoSe 18: Sustainable Management (SAPS, mentor)

WiSe 17/18: Sustainable Management (teaching assistant)

Supervision of Graduation Theses

During my occupation at the Institute of Sustainable Corporate Management I supervised different degree theses on the textile value-added chain, sustainability reporting and FairFashion.

Should you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Professional Career

  • January 2016 to August 2020: research assistant to Professor Mueller, Institute of Sustainable Corporate Management at Ulm University
    - August to October 2019: visting scholar/exchange student at University of Tokyo (Hirao-Sugiyama Lab)
  • November 2016 to November 2017: student trainee in the department of Sustainable Management at Daimler AG
  • before that: student apprentice and trainee at Daimler AG (technology monitoring and tribology), student assistant at Ulm University  (Institute of Electrochemistry, Institute of Inorganic Chemistry 1, Academic Affairs Committee Chemistry)


  • 2013: Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Management, Ulm University
    Title of the bachelor thesis: Zweiphotonen-Photoemissionsspektroskopie auf Iridium(111)/Graphen-Oberflächen
  • 2015: Master of Science in Chemistry and Management, Ulm University
    Title of the master thesis: Nachhaltigkeitsanalyse der COLTENE Wattelinie (Coltène/Whaledent GmbH + Co. KG)
  • Since 2016: Doctoral candidate at the Institute of Sustainable Corporate Management, Ulm University