International Cooperation in Science

Time : Tuesday , 30 May, 5:00 p.m.
Location : Ulm University, Meyerhofstraße, Lecture hall of the TTU

The changing geopolitical situation is currently also leading to discussions in the science system on how international cooperations in science will and should develop further. It affects research, joint projects, exchange and joint study programmes in equal measure. Among other things, regulations such as export controls or embargo guidelines play a significant role. In the event, we would like to inform, as well as discuss and exchange points of view on the podium and with you in the audience.

For an external impulse, Jeffrey Stoff has been won to present his study "Should Democracies Draw Redlines around Research Collaboration with China? A Case Study of Germany"[1].

Programme schedule:
    17:00    Welcome, introduction
    17:10    Presentation by Jeff Stoff
    17:40    Panel discussion
    18:20    Opening of the discussion to the audience
    19:00    End

The panel discussion will be moderated by Vice-President Prof. Dr. Michael Kühl:
- Anna Borrmann, expert on export control;
- Prof. Dr. An Chen, expert on joint degree programmes and exchange with Chinese universities;
- Dr. Hannes Gohli, Managing Director China Competence Center, University of Würzburg;
- Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dietmar Kissinger, expert engineering sciences and related framework conditions;
- Prof. Dr. Florian Steger, Expert Responsibility in Science;
- Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Weber, Perspective of university rectors;