Ways to contribute

A Talk
of about 15 to 20 minutes (including discussion). Content: Completed empirical research. Length of the submitted abstract: 200 words.

A Poster in DIN-A0, upright format. Content: Completed empirical research. Posters are more suitable for the discussion of details of an investigation than talks because of the unavoidable temporal restriction in the case of talks. During the poster presentation no parallel events will take place. Length of the submitted abstract: 200 words.

A Symposium includes 4 to 5 talks and a final discussion on a specific topic during a 90 minutes session (e.g., 5 x 15 minutes + final discussion). The invitation of the speakers and the compilation of the contributions is handled by the initiator. The initiator is responsible for the registration of the symposium, collects the abtracts (max. 200 words) and manages their submission. The initiator also moderates the symposium.

In order to register a symposium, the initiator of the symposium must first enter a title and an abstract (max. 200 words) on the topic of the symposium and then insert the individual papers of the symposium into the ConfTool-System.

You need the following informations:

     Authors (including e-mail addresses of all authors and affiliates)
     Titles of the individual contributions
     Abstracts of the individual contributions (maximum of 200 words each)

Extended Talk of about 45 minutes (including discussion). Content: Well-founded and pointed presentation of the own scientific position on a topic. Length of the abstract: 200 words.